Thursday, January 1, 2009

first book of 2009

img_35791This will be my first read of 2009.  After seeing it on Michele's bookshelf, I mentioned to Matt how much I would love it.  He remembered and got it for me as a Christmas gift.  

"Out of the Depths" is John Newton's autobiography.  From the back cover:  The most widely known and immediately recognized Christian song remains the classic hymn "Amazing Grace."  Behind its simple lyrics and expressive melody, however, stands the dramatic, real-life story of a person miraculously changed by God's mercy.  Author John Newton, saved from a life of moral depravity and slave trading, never forgot the depths from which he was pulled by God's incomprehensible grace.  

What will be the first book you read in the New Year?

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  1. I just finished reading "Islam and the Cross." I don't recommend it. The first couple of chapters were good, but the last 1/2 was not very helpful, and in general was very confusing.

    There has to be better books out there on that subject. And if there isn't? Well, then I might just pick up a secular book on Islam and inform myself that way.