Monday, January 26, 2009

get ready

I rarely recommend a book that I have not read myself.  

But there are always exceptions.  Always.

So here's a plug for my long-time friend, Greg Dutcher's first published work.  Greg was a young believer when I first met him my senior year in high school.  I remember him speaking about his faith so comfortably and confidently and it caught my attention.  I always believed that there was a God out there but it didn't go any deeper than that.  Honestly, I didn't know kids my age had such deep beliefs that changed the way that they lived.  As God would have it, I developed a friendship with Greg and for the next year he patiently answered my questions - many that were just obnoxious!  A friend and I called ourselves the "unconvertibles" because we decided that we would not ever believe and live like our friend Greg or the other Christian friends he introduced us to.  One of those friends was Matt, my husband!  That's another blog entry...

I always knew that Greg would write a book someday.  Although for years I anticipated the title being, Wesley's Nightmare, I'm thrilled with the important subject he chose: idolatry.  

I cannot wait to read this book.  It's not just because I knew the author when he weighed all of 100 lbs and wore really short shorts. The topic of idolatry touches all of us and reveals what our hearts long for and adore more than Christ.  

Go to amazon and pre-order your copy now!

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