Tuesday, January 6, 2009

matt's counsel

As 2009 was approaching, I sat down with Matt and asked him what books he thought I should include on my reading list for the year.  There is no human being that is more aware of  my weaknesses and sin and at the same time, has faith in God that I will grow and change.  

One overall suggestion he made was that amidst my quest to read more, that I should:

1- keep my quiet times in the Word of God a priority

2- always be reading a book that deals primarily with the truths of the Gospel.  

I'm grateful for his wisdom and wanted to pass it onto others.  

For about a month I experienced a season of dryness and coldness/numbness to the things of God.  I was slothful and self-sufficient and miserable!  Looking back, I can clearly see what I have told others and heard preached many times:  We do not naturally drift towards the gospel.  Left to ourselves, we drift away.  

I was drifting and I am so thankful to God that in His patience, kindness, and mercy, he has drawn my heart back to His.  

Taking Matt's counsel to heart, the gospel oriented book I will be reading this year is Sinclair Ferguson's "In Christ Alone".

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