Saturday, April 9, 2011

17 years ago

17 years ago

on this very day

at this very time

Matt and I were getting ready to leave our wedding reception as man and wife.

The weather was perfect: warm and sunny.

Matt was still sporting a short mullet and I had locks of curls in my long hair, that at the time was naturally blonde!

I was 24 years old; Matt was 23. We were practically kids, entering into this brand new world together. Like most newlyweds, every moment seemed magical for the first few months...maybe even the first year.

Last night, we sat at a corner table, tucked away from everyone else at The Prime Rib, surrounded by much older, classier and wealthier people. We talked about how much our lives have changed since 1994. We reminisced and we shared our dreams for our future together.

And it was magical.

I thank God for his kindness in blessing me with a husband like Matt. And I thank God for blessing and sustaining our marriage for these past 17 years!


  1. Come on Tracy- was it really magical? I mean a restaurant...where he's being waited on... :) jk. Glad u had a good night!

  2. Lol that was Greg but it shows up on Lisa's account hilarious

  3. you wouldn't say such a thing Lisa! But Greg was right...Matt was in his glory, mainly because of our older, debonaire European waiter that was at Matt's beck and call.