Thursday, April 28, 2011

hosting: day nine

Today we took {name} to our home school Co-Op that is held at our church. He was able to join Stephen's science class and was warmly welcomed by cheering boys giving high fives and fist bumps!

After Science class, I snuck away with him and headed to Dankner-Fiergang Eye Associates for his ophthalmology appointment. It was fun meeting up with the other host families and their children and I think helpful for {name} to just be able to speak with others who understand him.

Dr. Andorsky was incredible with the children - explaining things clearly and making it comfortable and easy for {name} to do what he needed to do. {name} experienced his first dose of eye drops that enlarged his pupils and left his sight a little fuzzy. I told him, through our interpreter, that I would challenge him to soccer while his vision was like this! He giggled.

After a thorough exam, we learned that he is blessed with 20/20 vision!

When we got home we watched The Karate Kid - the classic version with Ralph Maccio. Love that 80's music! And no, when I first saw this as a teenager, I did NOT have a crush on Ralph Maccio.

After the movie ended, it was back to the scooter and soccer!

And speaking of soccer, tomorrow he has a soccer match with a friend from church, Eric Bray. Word on the street is that Eric is a gifted player so I thought it would be great for {name} to play with someone who can teach him things!

Some have asked if {name} is feeling homesick so I took the opportunity today while our interpreter was at the eye appointment to ask him questions. He conveyed to me that he is very happy here with our family, that he is having a lot of fun, and that he is not homesick at all.
I am very grateful that he feels so comfortable with us and so welcomed by not just our family, but our neighbors, our church family, Stephen and Abbie's friends, and basically by anyone that meets him!

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  1. So happy to hear how well things are going. Thanks for making it such a nice stay for him. I'm just full of joy hearing these great updates.