Monday, April 4, 2011


March brought some fun birthdays our way, which meant delicious cakes and lots of new toys to find places for!

First up was Miss. Allyson's birthday - celebrated by our family with a meal and cake of her own pickin'. The cake: Tiramisu Layered Cake from with a few minor adjustments that put it over the top!

I mean, look at those layers baby!

Next was David's 4th Birthday - celebrated on three occasions,that lucky dog! There was the morning of his birthday when four lit candles appeared on a chocolate donut for him to blow out at breakfast time.

Later that evening there was the dinner of his choice which turned out to be waffles at Bob Evans. Apparently, Bob Evans doesn't make waffles after 3pm and we did not learn this until we were sitting down with menus in hand. Though sad at first, David happily settled on chocolate chip pancakes.

Finally, there was the grand family party where kids ran all through the house and David got to open a mound of presents!

Here is Aunt Jeanne putting a cowboy outfit on our little wrangler.

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