Thursday, April 21, 2011

hosting: day 3 - "wu-ha"

Today has been a BIG day for me - the Mom of the home.

{name} spoke directly to ME! He looked right at me and said, "wu-ha" as I pointed to a glass of water. It was the first time I heard his voice. :-)

He drinks a TON of "wu-ha" all day long. Our Brita pitcher is getting an hourly workout!

Today the neighborhood boys gathered together with my children and him to play soccer and I walked down the hill to take some photographs. As soon as the boys saw me, they all came running towards me sharing how incredible {name} is at soccer and how cool and smart he is!
It's so encouraging to see how welcoming everyone is towards him. Again, I see how children can be a blessing to one another.

He enjoyed his first Coke-flavored snowball, had pizza for lunch, two bananas, and for dessert...a gourmet cupcake from Flavor Cupcakery, thanks to the generosity of our neighbor. I asked him how to say "cupcake" in Amharic and he smiled and said, "cupcake." We all laughed.

Tonight, Matt is taking him, Stephen & Abbie to a buffet so we can learn what other foods he likes (and what he doesn't like). So far, he seems to prefer Italian food but I don't want to just make him pasta for dinner for the next month!

Here's to a day three wrap-up...

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