Wednesday, April 27, 2011

hosting: day eight

Day Eight can be summed up in seven "S" words.

Scooters: This little guy is a natural on the scooter. There was no learning curve for him. My daughter Abigail handed it to him, he jumped on, pushed with the opposite foot, and took off through our neighborhood!

School: While my children are busy at school, {name} is busy writing things in his notebook. Sometimes he writes in Amharic and other times he writes in English. In addition to writing things, he plays learning games and types out words on the iMac.

Spiderman: He absolutely loves this cartoon that we downloaded on Netflix. Even my little kids are enjoying the break from Oswald and Dora. And let's be honest, so am I.

Sleep: Tired out from all the scooter riding, {name} went upstairs and fell asleep in his bed. It took both Stephen and Abbie to wake him up for dinner.

Spaghetti: This seems to be the meal of choice. I fix him a big ol' plate with sauce and parmesan cheese and a side of garlic bread and he's set!

Stephen: All day long I hear this word: "Ste-phen!!" "Ste-phen!!" Whatever he needs, he goes first to Stephen. Stephen is definitely his go to guy.

Shower: It's always fun explaining and demonstrating through charades the need to take a shower and how to make sure the inside shower curtain stays on the inside so that water doesn't spill out of the tub. The first few showers left our bathroom in a bit of a river! :-)

Matt and I had an engaged couple over tonight for pre-marital counseling so the kids were downstairs playing. When we called them up for bed, Stephen arrived up the stairs first and hugged us both goodnight and then {name} came up next, and to my surprise, hugged us both goodnight as well.

This was the first time he initiated a hug with us. How sweet!

It was the perfect, unexpected end to what was a fairly uneventful day.


  1. how sweet, sounds like he is fitting right in! :) What a blessing!

  2. I can't wait to spend some time with him and your family tomorrow and see some of this activity in person!

  3. This is great! What a wonderful experience so far. Look forward to the next blog post.