Friday, April 29, 2011

hosting: day ten

The day began with a great new experience for {name} and three of the other Ethiopian children at Kinetic Youth Academy.

Not only did they enjoy fun games with the parachute, but they had the entire use of the gym. There was rope climbing, rope swinging, trampolines, balance beams and other equipment they could play on.

There were so many big smiles and giggles as the kids were thrusted into the air on a giant swing. Arms out and feet dangling high above the rest of us, you could see pure joy on their little faces.

I'm so thankful to God for the generosity of so many unknown people who sponsored events like these for the children and their host families. These are experiences and memories that the children will always remember.

This afternoon, a couple from church, Eric and LaShelle Bray were kind enough to swing by a nearby soccer field before their weekend getaway without their children!

Eric is a gifted soccer player and it was a great opportunity for {name} to be challenged. My little guy David joined in the game, along with Stephen and Abbie.

So who was victorious?

I would say Eric, though {name} did get a few good shots in. It didn't help that David was holding Eric's hand the entire time they were playing!

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